Born in 1956 as Cappa, the young brand was developed in Italy under the guidance of Paolo Vettore, standing out thanks to its practical and technical products characterised by attention to detail.

Italy, excellent as a cradle and starting point, soon became limiting for a brand with the potential and ability to aspire to great heights. And so in 1991, ten years after the registration of the brand, Giuseppe Visenzi, ex-Motorcycling Champion and founder of the Givi brand, acquired the company and the brand, transforming Cappa into Kappa.

Following the change in name, Kappa started expanding internationally, creating in 1995 a subsidiary in Montuel, France and in 1999 in Olerdola, Barcelona, Spain. Since then our desire to expand has never ceased, guiding our research and fuelling our passion, determination and appetite to achieve the incredibly high quality standards deserved by every biker around the World.

Whether veering off the beaten track, venturing towards the unknown, covering unthinkable distances or simply facing traffic on the way to work, it makes no difference to Kappa, the important thing is that you can do it all in complete comfort and safety and that you do it on two wheels, your own way.

For 60 years Kappa has been dedicating all its efforts to improving the lives of bikers.

The road, space and horizons take on the lead roles, our story and that of our products is the background for each of your adventures.

Kappa has chosen to tell and share its passion for two wheels, doing its best day after day, trip after trip, with each solution and in every material used, dedicating everything to the individual who lives on their motorcycle.