Monokey® is the fitting system for panniers and top cases famous with both bikers and scooter riders the world over. Patented by GIVI and adopted by KAPPA, the Monokey® has introduced the possibility to operate the opening of the top case and the detachment of the case from the fitting plate with only one key. It is universally famous for its mechanical specifica- tions that allow the user to travel in complete safety on uneven ground, thanks to the systems high level of rigidity, combined with compact and light components.
he secret is the uniform distribution of the load on the plate surface, guaranteed by the three fitting points, which are placed in such a way to obtain the widest possible contact surface.
The damping of oscillation and vibration and the contact between the bottom shell and the plate are assured by four spacers made of elastic material which is particularly resistant to extreme weather and temperature variation. Thanks to these solutions a high level of reliability of the fitting is guaranteed even under the heaviest of stresses and strains over the years.



Designed to offer a wider range of applications and uses of the top-cases, the Monolock® system has been created for lighter vehicles, such as scooters and maxi-scooters, used mainly for short to medium journeys. The Monolock®, introduced by GIVI, follows the same philosophy that defines the Monokey® fitting system such as the opening of the case top shell and the detachment of the case from the plate with one key only. Intended to support less weight without any loss in reliability or performance and characterised by its lightness.



This fixing system for side cases has been designed specifically for off-road use, allowing KAPPA’s side-cases to be attached at 4 points while still enabling quick release. The reinforced frames are made with steel tubes,18 mm in diameter, and are attached to the motorcycle at several points. The case holder frame is also wider than the frame used for normal motorcycle cases with the MONOKEY® fixing system so that the rubber support points can be moved to the outer areas of the side-case. The “CHECK CONTROL” slider confirms when the case is correctly attached.



It is the new locking system made by locks of automotive derivation. “Security Lock” heightens the protection level from burglaries, by using components of tempered steel like the cylinders with central armored curving, key with double bit, made in steel with 3mm thickness. This is a solution that KAPPA adopted upon the cases to increase the safety of your luggage (it is the 80% safer than the traditional locks).