Ep. 2 KAPPA Brand Ambassadors

Ep. 2 KAPPA Brand Ambassadors

KAPPA Brand Ambassadors,
Tibostudio take us to a
mind-blowing trip trough Laos


Here we are. The plane just landed in Chiang Mai.
Donald and I go directly to the baggage claim to get our luggage.
It is time to get some sleep. A red and shiny taxi takes us to the hostel we booked.
We do not speak Thai, and the taxi driver does not know a single word of English.
But with hand signs and a little smiling, we can get what and where we want.
Finally, we close our eyes on a makeshift bed, dreaming of what is waiting for us the next day.

We wake up early, before the rooster crows. Everybody in the hostel is still asleep.
As we start our engines, we can hear some guests slowly waking up. The city is still silent.
Only the monks are up, performing their morning rituals. I would like to stop and talk to them,
but I know we will have other opportunities to do so once we get to Luang Prabang. As the road flows under
our tires, Donald and I find our connection riding together again. We both show a big smile on our faces.

The jungle wakes up at the sound of our steps. In the distance, motorboats of locals
going fishing are breaking the silence and one could think that some riders are roaming the region.
It has been 15 minutes, trying to find a way through the thick jungle. Our guide, a mahout working for the facility,
suddenly stops and tells us to be quiet. We halt and scrutinize the leaves in front of us. There is movement in front of us!
With some more attention, I can distinguish a long trunk moving and ripping grass and leaves!
There is an elephant, less than 5 meters in front of us!